Essential Oils for ADHD
Kristi Lazzari
Kristi Lazzari
March 12, 2019
Do essential oils for ADHD really work? Here's what you need to know about using essential oils, the benefits for people with ADHD, and more.

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Understanding the Link Between ADHD and Eating Disorders

Correlations between ADHD and eating disorders have been difficult for clinicians to define. Recent studies suggest higher-than-normal eating disorder rates in people with ADHD.
by Eric Patterson on March 5, 2019
Types of ADHD

What Are the Three Different Types of ADHD?

There are three types of ADHD and a person can only receive one diagnosis at a time. Learn about the different types of ADHD here.
by Eric Patterson on February 5, 2019
ADHD and Anger

Is Anger a Symptom of ADHD?

Everyone gets angry from time to time, but people with ADHD may have a particularly hard time managing ADHD and anger and finding balance.
by Charlie Kaplan on January 21, 2019
ADHD Resources for Parents

Four ADHD Resources for Parents to Check Out

It can be overwhelming parenting a child with ADHD, but luckily there are many ADHD resources for parents out there for you to find support.
by Kristi Lazzari on December 27, 2018
ADHD and Depression

Understanding the Link Between ADHD and Depression

"Getting the help I so desperately needed set the stage for where I am now – happy, fulfilled, successful." Jeff shares his thoughts on ADHD and depression.
by Jeff Emmerson on December 4, 2018
ADHD and Motivation

ADHD Motivation Tips to Help You Get Inspired and Stay on Track

Everyone has trouble motivating themselves now and then, but ADHD and motivation can be a perpetual struggle. Learn here how to motivate yourself here.
by Angela Finlay on November 27, 2018
Positive Things About ADHD

10 Positive Things About ADHD You Can Be Proud Of

Too often we hear all about the negative aspects of ADHD, while the positives are ignored. Christine shares her 10 favorite positive things about ADHD.
by Christine Lee on October 16, 2018
ADHD and Tics

How and Why Tics Affect People With ADHD

ADHD and tics can occur together. Around 7% of children with ADHD have Tourette syndrome, and about 60% of children with Tourette syndrome have ADHD.
by Brenda Vanta and Alexander Beiga on October 9, 2018
ADHD in Adults

What Does ADHD Looks Like in Adults?

ADHD in adults may have difficulties with tasks, show inconsistent performance at work, and struggle with daily responsibilities.
by Kristi Lazzari on August 1, 2018

Understanding the Difference Between ADD and ADHD

ADD vs ADHD – What's the difference? Learn about the correct terms for the different types of ADHD, the symptoms and treatment options.
by Kristi Lazzari on July 9, 2018
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