Kristi Lazzari
Kristi Lazzari
July 9, 2018
ADD vs ADHD – What's the difference? Learn about the correct terms for the different types of ADHD, the symptoms and treatment options.

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What Is ADHD?

Understanding What ADHD Is (and Isn’t)

What is ADHD? If you or a loved one have ADHD, this complete guide has the answers you need to understand what ADHD is and isn't.
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What Is ADHD Like?

What ADHD Feels Like, From Someone Who Has It

What is ADHD like? There are no simple answers. I often find my efforts to explain it and my experiences become muddled and confusing, but here goes.
400 found this helpful by Charlie Kaplan on June 26, 2018
Hyperfocus and ADHD

Hyperfocus: Your Not So Secret ADHD Super Power

You can use the power of hyperfocus and ADHD to change your life for the better by learning your hyperfocus triggers and how to control it.
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Video ADHD and daydreaming video

Is Daydreaming Normal in People With ADHD?

ADHD can be related to daydreaming. So in what cases is it normal daydreaming compared to what is known as maladaptive daydreaming?
5 found this helpful by Melissa C. Waters on May 4, 2018
ADHD Symptoms

What Do ADHD Symptoms Look Like in Children and Adults?

ADHD symptoms can look different across all ages. Here's what symptoms and signs you may be seeing in your child or even yourself.
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Do I Have ADHD

The Question We’re All Tired of Hearing From People, ‘Do I Have ADHD?’

If you've ever asked yourself "do I have ADHD?" Chances are, you probably don't have ADHD. And here are the 25 reasons why you probably do NOT have ADHD.
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ADHD and OOD: Why ADHD Children and Adults Act Out

Up to half of all ADHD children have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and it's possible for children to outgrow ODD. Learn more about ADHD and ODD here.
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Inattentive ADHD

What Is Inattentive ADHD?

Inattentive ADHD is what we used to simply call ADD. This type of ADHD lacks the hyperactivity, and the person has a difficult time paying attention.
52 found this helpful by Krystina Ostermeyer on February 14, 2018
ADHD Meltdowns

Why ADHD Meltdowns Happen and How to Cope

One of the symptoms adults and children with ADHD struggle with most is their emotional outbursts. Thankfully there are ways to manage these ADHD meltdowns.
600 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on January 30, 2018
Adult ADHD and Pediatric ADHD

Adult ADHD and Pediatric ADHD: How Are They Different?

Adult ADHD and pediatric ADHD, what's the difference? Krystina, who was on the cusp of the two, looks into the conditions in order to find a difference.
13 found this helpful by Krystina Ostermeyer on December 27, 2017
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