Parenting With ADHD
Angela Finlay
Angela Finlay
February 13, 2019
Raising a family can seem like a daunting task, but there are some effective measures that will make parenting with ADHD a whole lot easier.

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ADHD Fatigue

Recognizing and Overcoming the Symptoms of Fatigue With ADHD

Tired of ADHD fatigue? When you think about ADHD, the last thing you probably think about is fatigue, yet fatigue is a common symptom of ADHD.
by Amy Manley and Krystina Ostermeyer on December 6, 2017
ADHD Facts

7 Facts About ADHD: Separating Fact From Fiction

When it comes to ADHD there is a lot of information floating around, some false and some true. Well, now it's time to separate ADHD facts from fiction.
by Kristi Lazzari on November 1, 2017
ADHD and Exercise

Could Exercise Be as Effective as Medicine for Children With ADHD?

Physical activity may be just as effective as medicine for treating ADHD in children. Read more about ADHD and exercise as an effective therapy here.
by Yvonne Banks and Krystina Ostermeyer on October 25, 2017
Howie Mandel

19 Celebrities With ADHD You May Not Know About

These celebrities with ADHD have made a name for themselves in spite of — or, in some cases, because of — their disorder.
by Angela Finlay and Lana Barhum on October 18, 2017
ADHD and Compulsively Lying

Addressing and Managing a Child Who Habitually Lies

ADHD and compulsive lying can continue into adulthood if not addressed now. If your ADHD child habitually lies, consider these tips.
by Yvonne Banks and Lana Barhum on October 12, 2017
ADHD and Anxiety

ADHD, Anxiety, and You

As if ADHD weren’t hard enough to deal with, ADHD and anxiety often co-exist. However, with some determination and proper treatment, you can manage both.
by Kristi Lazzari on October 2, 2017
Is ADHD Real

Why Is This Question About ADHD So Controversial?

"Is ADHD real?" – The argument surrounding this question never seems to end. Kristi shares why ADHD is real and how to stop stigma around the question.
by Kristi Lazzari on September 1, 2017
Is ADHD a Learning Disability

Is ADHD a Learning Disability?

"Is ADHD a learning disorder?" – Many people consider ADHD a learning disability, but it is not one. It does, however, affect learning.
by Lana Barhum on August 16, 2017
Video Is ADHD Genetic?

Is ADHD Genetic?

Annie shares her research if ADHD is genetic or not. It turns out that the consensus is that ADHD does have a genetic factor to it, but how?
by Annie Bardonski on July 28, 2017
Video ADHD and Clumsiness

ADHD and Clumsiness – What’s the Link?

Annie describes herself to be a very clumsy person and these incidents frequently happen to her. Listen to Annie speak up about ADHD and clumsiness.
by Annie Bardonski on July 21, 2017