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Christine does daily battle with her adult ADHD. She has big dreams of becoming a Faces of ADHD model if an ADHD monthly calendar ever comes out, and of becoming a writer.

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Positive Things About ADHD

10 Positive Things About ADHD You Can Be Proud Of

Too often we hear all about the negative aspects of ADHD, while the positives are ignored. Christine shares her 10 favorite positive things about ADHD.
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ADHD and Organization

Three ADHD-Friendly Ways to Get Organized

When it comes to ADHD and organization, a few simple steps can make life a lot easier. Christine shares her tips for keeping on top of things.
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ADHD and Distractions

4 Reasons Why You Get More Distracted With ADHD

ADHD and Distractions: Do you struggle to focus and block out distractions? Here are the best tips for avoiding and resisting distractions.
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Is ADHD Real?

Helping Others Understand the Effects of ADHD

Despite the long track record of observable symptoms, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment, many people consider still ask, "Is ADHD real?"
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Tips for Being on Time

Tips for Being on Time Despite ADHD

At times, it may seem that ADHD and being on time are mutually exclusive. Christine shares her tips for being on time, every time.
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Being a Mom with ADHD

Parenting Tips for Moms Dealing With Adult ADHD

Being a parent and dealing with adult ADHD can be a rocky road. Christine shares her thoughts and tips on being a mom with ADHD.
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