10 Positive Things About ADHD You Can Be Proud Of

Looking at the Positive Things About ADHD

Positive Things About ADHD

Most of what we read about having adult ADHD focuses on the negative impacts. We glance at lists and peer at infographics, every single one of them extolling the many disadvantages and the myriad woes, but rarely do we see the other side.

To put this another way, the downsides of ADHD are like Hollywood superstars compared to the positives. The positive things about ADHD get the same billing as the extras – no flash and no flair.

These are the unlucky actors who have to pretend that investigating the weird sound coming from the cellar of the deserted house in the middle of the woods is a good idea.

In other words, if your part does not end up on the cutting room floor, then your character is usually the first one to meet a grisly end.

I don’t believe this is fair and I want to change it. So, here are 10 of my favorite positive things about ADHD.

Our Highly Creativity and Imagination

I have a vast, untapped creativity source and because of it, I’ll never be bored. My brain can make up the most vivid stories simply by being awake and looking at something for longer than five minutes.

Give me an empty bathroom, a solitary person standing outside, or an empty coffee maker and it’s on. Instead of an ordinary everyday coffee maker, it magically becomes (ha-ha!) a Jinn’s coffeemaker and every cup is an adventure! Into something or somewhere and getting there is the fun (or the horror) of it all.


Having the power of making stories that ache to be told is pretty cool. I just have to remember that not all of my stories should be told aloud, or even at all. Use your own judgment.

Fast Insight and Observation

We can see patterns that others might not see so quickly. We are quick to find any discrepancies, contradictions, and mismatches and just as quick to point them out. Be careful who you confide in with this valuable information.

You might find someone else taking credit for the work you did or, getting the stink eye for a less-than-attractive flaw that you brought to light. Tread carefully here, as any superhero will tell you; with great observation comes possible chaos and pain.

‘Thinking Outside of the Box’ Problem Solving Skills

We can be awesome problem solvers, probably because we can think outside the box as easily as we walk through open doors.

Giving us a problem to mull over is like giving a kid his candy of choice. We will happily pick apart and analyze any possible ramifications that might follow each action for hours.

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