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Kristi Lazzari is a writer, blogger, mom and chaotic ADHDer who lives in rural Alabama. Kristi is passionate about mental health awareness, with particular interest in ADHD, anxiety, depression and self-harm. As a single mom to a teenage daughter who is also ADHD, there is plenty of madness and mayhem in the day.

Kristi works in a restaurant and as a freelance writer. She is a novelist with two books currently published, and she writes about her life with ADHD on her blog, ADHD Kristi & Co. She loves writing in all its forms; books, short stories, blogs and articles.

She enjoys spending time with her daughter, knitting, and cooking. She is particularly interested in the health benefits of following a plant-based diet. She loves museums, music and classic movies and loathes sushi, mice and confrontation; not necessarily in that order.

Kristi's Work

Activities for Kids with ADHD

What Are the Best Activities for Kids With ADHD?

Some of the best activities for kids with ADHD may include organized outdoor and indoor sports, clubs, and art therapy. Find out more activities here.
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What Does ADHD Mean?

What Does It Mean to Be ADHD?

"What does ADHD mean to me? It's more than a diagnosis. ADHD means random thoughts, creativity, and much more." Kristi shares what ADHD means to her.
14 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on September 12, 2018
ADHD in Adults

What Does ADHD Looks Like in Adults?

ADHD in adults may have difficulties with tasks, show inconsistent performance at work, and struggle with daily responsibilities.
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Understanding the Difference Between ADD and ADHD

ADD vs ADHD – What's the difference? Learn about the correct terms for the different types of ADHD, the symptoms and treatment options.
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ADHD and Change

How to Thrive During Times of Change When You Have ADHD

When you have ADHD, change can bring on overwhelming feelings which can threaten to push you into shut down mode. Learn how to cope with ADHD and change.
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ADHD Symptoms

What Do ADHD Symptoms Look Like in Children and Adults?

ADHD symptoms can look different across all ages. Here's what symptoms and signs you may be seeing in your child or even yourself.
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ADHD Grocery List

How to Go Grocery Shopping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Grocery shopping with ADHD can be difficult and end in several trips to the store. Learn how to create effective grocery lists and get everything you need!
159 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on March 13, 2018
ADHD Meltdowns

Why ADHD Meltdowns Happen and How to Cope

One of the symptoms adults and children with ADHD struggle with most is their emotional outbursts. Thankfully there are ways to manage these ADHD meltdowns.
602 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on January 30, 2018
What Is the Connection Between Adult ADHD and Lying?

What Is the Connection Between Adult ADHD and Lying?

Are people with ADHD more prone to lying? Learn more about the connection between adult ADHD and lying and steps you can take to handle it better.
77 found this helpful by Eric Patterson and Kristi Lazzari on January 17, 2018
ADHD Facts

7 Facts About ADHD: Separating Fact From Fiction

When it comes to ADHD there is a lot of information floating around, some false and some true. Well, now it's time to separate ADHD facts from fiction.
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