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Alex is a copywriter from Huntsville Alabama with ADHD. Writing is his passion, and his purpose is to lead the world through originality. He likes writing articles for the NewLifeOutlook community because he gets to educate himself, as well as others, about the nature of ADHD so that they can live happier and healthier lives.

What he loves the most about having ADHD is that it makes him adventurous and creative. What he dislikes about ADHD the most is that it makes him impulsive.

In the end, he knows that nobody is perfect. He is happy with who he is. And the best part is, he doesn’t take any medication or go to therapy!

Alexander's Work

ADHD and Tics

How and Why Tics Affect People With ADHD

ADHD and tics can occur together. Around 7% of children with ADHD have Tourette syndrome, and about 60% of children with Tourette syndrome have ADHD.
162 found this helpful by Brenda Vanta and Alexander Beiga on October 9, 2018
ADHD Medication

A Guide to ADHD Medication Options

If you're looking to manage your ADHD symptoms with medication, this guide discusses available ADHD medication options worth looking into.
14 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on August 21, 2018
ADHD and Distractions

4 Reasons Why You Get More Distracted With ADHD

ADHD and Distractions: Do you struggle to focus and block out distractions? Here are the best tips for avoiding and resisting distractions.
138 found this helpful by Christine Lee and Alexander Beiga on July 17, 2018
What Is ADHD?

Understanding What ADHD Is (and Isn’t)

What is ADHD? If you or a loved one have ADHD, this complete guide has the answers you need to understand what ADHD is and isn't.
20 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on July 5, 2018
Hyperfocus and ADHD

Hyperfocus: Your Not So Secret ADHD Super Power

You can use the power of hyperfocus and ADHD to change your life for the better by learning your hyperfocus triggers and how to control it.
78 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on May 29, 2018
ADHD and Diet

5 ADHD Dieting Facts and Tips for People With ADHD

If you're planning to start a diet to help manage your ADHD symptoms, there are some ADHD and diet facts and tips to keep in mind before you start.
53 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on May 22, 2018
ADHD medication side effects

What Are the Side Effects of Medications Used for ADHD?

It is important that you monitor your child for possible ADHD medication side effects because they can be serious and should be dealt with immediately.
184 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on May 15, 2018
Do I Have ADHD

The Question We’re All Tired of Hearing From People, ‘Do I Have ADHD?’

If you've ever asked yourself "do I have ADHD?" Chances are, you probably don't have ADHD. And here are the 25 reasons why you probably do NOT have ADHD.
21 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on April 18, 2018

ADHD and ODD: Why ADHD Children and Adults Act Out

Up to half of all ADHD children have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and it's possible for children to outgrow ODD. Learn more about ADHD and ODD here.
138 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on April 11, 2018
ADHD Shopping

The 5 Most Common ADHD Shopping Mistakes

Everyone with ADHD has to shop. However, there are ways to avoid these common ADHD shopping mistakes easily from checking price tags to making lists.
48 found this helpful by Alexander Beiga on March 27, 2018
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