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Brindusa (Brenda) Vanta is an alternative health care doctor, author and medical writer. She has written for the Livestrong, South Asian Health Chronicle, Oakville Massage Community and Information Network, and she focuses on nutrition and homeopathy. She received her MD degree from Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine, Romania, and her HD diploma from Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.

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ADHD and Tics

How and Why Tics Affect People With ADHD

ADHD and tics can occur together. Around 7% of children with ADHD have Tourette syndrome, and about 60% of children with Tourette syndrome have ADHD.
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Traveling With ADHD

10 Simple Tips to Make Traveling With ADHD Easier

For those with ADHD, having a travel checklist helps. Here are 10 simple tips that can make traveling with ADHD more comfortable and less stressful.
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ADHD and Bullying

The Connection Between ADHD Children and Bullying

The link between ADHD and bullying is well known as ADHD involves different behavior that can position a child as a victim or a bully.
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Teaching Children with ADHD

Helping Your Child Succeed in School With ADHD

Teaching children with ADHD can be challenging, as the traditional school setting is often a struggle. Consider these tips for helping your child succeed.
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Offending People

How to Avoid Offending People and Apologizing After a Situation

Being impulsive increases the chances that you'll say something without thinking and cause offence. Consider these tips for keeping out of the doghouse.
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Enjoying Thanksgiving with ADHD

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving While Coping With ADHD

Enjoying Thanksgiving with ADHD or a child with ADHD is 100% doable with a little bit of preparation. Consider these tips.
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Could Your Child Have Both ADHD and ODD?

ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) often co-exist, but ODD often goes unrecognized.
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Driving with ADHD

Driving Safely Despite the Distractions of ADHD

ADHD and driving can be a tricky combination. Try these tips for staying focused and safe behind the wheel.
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Fish Oil for ADHD

How Fish Oil Can Help ADHD Symptoms

Fish oil is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which studies have shown can reduce ADHD symptoms. Read more about fish oil for ADHD here.
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Trials for ADHD in Children

Should Your Child Participate in Clinical Trials for ADHD?

Here are a few things to consider before involving your child in clinical trials for ADHD.
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