Kristi Lazzari
Kristi Lazzari
July 9, 2018
ADD vs ADHD – What's the difference? Learn about the correct terms for the different types of ADHD, the symptoms and treatment options.

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ADHD medication side effects

What Are the Side Effects of Medications Used for ADHD?

It is important that you monitor your child for possible ADHD medication side effects because they can be serious and should be dealt with immediately.
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ADHD and Adderall

Why Is Adderall Prescribed to People With ADHD?

Adderall can be a helpful management medication for some adults with ADHD, but what the people who don't benefit from it? Read more about ADHD and adderall.
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Alternative Treatments for ADHD

Alternative Treatments for ADHD That May Help

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for ADHD. We are free to try anything that may help — like these alternative treatments for ADHD.
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ADHD Medications for Children

Medication Options for Children With ADHD

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, finding the right medication isn’t easy and what best works for your child will require some time to figure out.
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Meditation for ADHD

How Meditation Can Help Ease the Symptoms of ADHD

Can someone with ADHD learn meditation to help with symptoms? Kristi shares her tips and tricks for learning meditation for ADHD.
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ADHD Without Medication

Coping With ADHD Without Medication

You may want to try different tools or skills instead of — or in addition to — taking medication. Here's how to cope with ADHD without medication.
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ADHD Fidgeting

The Benefits of ADHD Fidgeting

Opinions of ADHD fidgeting are changing, with growing evidence pointing towards the use of fidgets and fidgeting to improve attention and concentration.
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Going off ADHD Medication

Risks and Benefits of Going off ADHD Medication

If medication helps control symptoms, why stop taking it? There are many reasons for going off ADHD medication, all of them as unique as the individual.
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Refusal to Treat ADHD

When a Loved One Won’t Consider ADHD Treatment

Refusal to treat ADHD is common partly because there’s often no immediate physical danger to counter or acute symptoms that threaten health and safety.
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Therapy for ADHD Children

5 Therapies to Consider for Your ADHD Child

ADHD treatments are unlike other mental health treatments because you are able to add interventions and types into the mix.
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