ADHD and Stress
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson
September 18, 2018
Adult ADHD symptoms present in somewhat different ways from childhood, but one thing remains constant: stress. Learn how to fight ADHD and stress, here!

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ADHD Careers

The 8 Best Jobs for People with ADHD

All careers have their pros and cons, but are some better for the ADHD brain than others? Eric investigates the best ADHD careers out there.
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ADHD and Diet

5 ADHD Dieting Facts and Tips for People With ADHD

If you're planning to start a diet to help manage your ADHD symptoms, there are some ADHD and diet facts and tips to keep in mind before you start.
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ADHD and Change

How to Thrive During Times of Change When You Have ADHD

When you have ADHD, change can bring on overwhelming feelings which can threaten to push you into shut down mode. Learn how to cope with ADHD and change.
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ADHD diet

Tips and Advice for Crafting the Perfect ADHD-Friendly Diet

Although it’s not a cure, building an ADHD diet around brain-healthy foods is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for those with ADHD.
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ADHD Shopping

The 5 Most Common ADHD Shopping Mistakes

Everyone with ADHD has to shop. However, there are ways to avoid these common ADHD shopping mistakes easily from checking price tags to making lists.
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ADHD Triggers

7 ADHD Triggers You Never Suspected

Stress, lack of sleep and overstimulation are all examples of ADHD triggers. For many adults and children with ADHD, certain triggers can worsen symptoms.
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ADHD Grocery List

How to Go Grocery Shopping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Grocery shopping with ADHD can be difficult and end in several trips to the store. Learn how to create effective grocery lists and get everything you need!
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Traveling With ADHD

10 Simple Tips to Make Traveling With ADHD Easier

For those with ADHD, having a travel checklist helps. Here are 10 simple tips that can make traveling with ADHD more comfortable and less stressful.
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Books for ADHD

5 Books That Can Help You Harness Your ADHD

Living with ADHD as an adult can feel like a challenge, however, there are many helpful books for ADHD that you can read which will enable you to discover yourself.
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ADHD and Sugar

Is There a Connection Between ADHD and Sugar?

Is it true that sugar causes or contributes to ADHD? Take a quick look at these facts about the connection between ADHD and sugar.
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