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ADHD Mood Swings: Learning How to Recognize and Control Mood Swings

Tips for Overcoming ADHD Mood Swings

ADHD mood swings are common in adults. While bipolar disorder is characterized by episodic instances of mood swings lasting a couple weeks or longer in duration, ADHD mood swings are much more consistent and rapid, presenting themselves up to several times per day. It can be an exhausting process, especially in those diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and ADHD. I can tell you from my personal experience that the first step in learning to thrive amidst...

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Coping With Impulsivity and Hypersexuality in ADHD

"One aspect of impulsivity that occurs in ADHD that is not often addressed is hypersexuality," Charlie writes on ADHD sex impulsivity.
23 found this helpful by Charlie Kaplan on March 1, 2017
ADHD and Sleep

ADHD Sleep Problems and What You Can Do About Them

Did you know ADHD and sleep issues are quite common? Learn how to counteract them and make sleep your priority — your body will thank you!
205 found this helpful by Angela Finlay and Charlie Kaplan on February 8, 2017
Disability for ADHD

Do You Qualify for Disability If You Have ADHD?

Unfortunately, disability benefits are complex and uncertain. Here's what you need to know about navigating disability for ADHD.
29 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on February 1, 2017
Email and ADHD

8 Tips for Avoiding Email Overload

Email is a great way to stay in touch, but if neglected it is easy to become overwhelmed by your inbox. Learn how to manage your email and ADHD!
28 found this helpful by Charlie Kaplan on November 21, 2016
ADHD Clumsiness

How Do We Cope With ADHD Clumsiness?

"I’ve always been clumsy — tripping, running into doorways, dropping everything." Kristi shares her experience with ADHD clumsiness.
15 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on September 13, 2016
ADHD Overwhelmed

Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed With ADHD

"When I have so much to do that I don’t know where to begin, it’s all too easy to just not start at all," shares Kristi on ADHD overwhelmed feelings.
29 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on August 16, 2016
Video How to Manage Money When You Have ADHD

How to Manage Money When You Have ADHD

If you have ADHD, you likely know the woes of managing money. The odds may seem against you, but you can take control of your financial life.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on July 20, 2016
ADHD Memory Loss

How Common Is ADHD Memory Loss?

"Anyone will struggle with memory if their environment is a constant barrage of stimuli." Counselor Eric gives his tips for coping with ADHD memory loss.
121 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on July 19, 2016
ADHD Sibling

How to Strengthen the Bond With Your ADHD Sibling

You can play a part in helping your ADHD sibling get along in life in the future, and you can play a key part in helping them realize their full potential.
17 found this helpful by Becky Wicks on June 7, 2016
Accepting ADHD Into Your Life

Learning to Accept Myself and My ADHD Diagnosis

It may be tempting to bury your head in the sand after being diagnosed with ADHD, but these steps can help you on your way to accepting ADHD.
141 found this helpful by Kristi Lazzari on April 26, 2016
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