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ADHD and Substance Abuse: The Link Between ADHD and Substance Abuse

ADHD and Substance Abuse

With all of the rumors, legends, myths and misinformation that exist about attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can be difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. Do kids with ADHD really need a specialized diet that cuts out gluten, dyes and preservatives? Does watching too much TV really cause ADHD? Is ADHD a result of poor parenting? Is ADHD even a real disorder or a fabrication used to sell billions of dollars in...

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Simone Biles ADHD

Simone Biles Opens up About Her ADHD

After hackers released documents revealing her condition, Simone Biles says having ADHD is "nothing to be ashamed of."
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Effects of ADHD Medication

Could ADHD Meds Keep Your Kids Safe?

30% of children with ADHD in the US aren’t taking medication — but what if the effects of ADHD medication could decrease risky behaviors in later years?
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New Device for ADHD Designed to Help With Focus

New Device for ADHD Designed to Help With Focus

A startup has launched a campaign to raise money for their assistive device for ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, as well as hearing and visual impairments.
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Ritalin and Irregular Heartbeat

Ritalin and Irregular Heartbeat May Be Linked, Study Says

Parents of children with ADHD taking medication may want to make themselves aware of the risks, such as the link between Ritalin and irregular heartbeat.
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ADHD and Exercise

Could Exercise Be as Effective as Medicine for Children With ADHD?

Physical activity may be just as effective as medicine for treating ADHD in children, new research suggests.
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ADHD Brain Scan

How Brain Scans May Change ADHD Diagnoses

Recent research focusing on ADHD brain scans has revealed a difference in the brains of ADHD children.
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ADHD Eye Tracking

Eye Movement Tracking Used To Diagnose ADHD

According to research, ADHD eye tracking uses eye movements as a way of diagnosing; it's a practical, affordable, and accessible diagnostic method.
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