ADHD and Organization: Tips for Staying Organized

Annie BardonskiAnnie Bardonski
Jul 14, 2017

Many people who have ADHD struggle with organization and staying tidy. It’s already hard to focus, as there are so many things to juggle around in life, and maybe putting things away is not your top priority. 

It does take some time to stay organized and Annie is going to list her tips on getting organized and staying organized.

ADHD and Organization

With some effort, staying organized with ADHD is possible. Use any of these tips to help you get started.

Watch Cleaning Videos on YouTube

There are people who post their cleaning routines and it’s just inspiring to see someone else get through that task. They show the order they do things in and it gives you an idea where you can get started.

You can decide to follow along with the YouTuber or you can use the cleaning techniques they suggest.

Watch the Show Hoarders

If you’re a really messy person, sometimes just seeing other people’s messy rooms can open your eyes on just how bad their disorganization got. After watching an episode of Hoarders, it may inspire you start cleaning and organizing the things around you.

Get a Friend to Help

Sometimes it’s difficult to throw out things, you may be already be accumulating things and that’s alright. If you’re unsure of if you need this or need that, it may help you to have a family member or friend come and help you clean, decide on what to throw away, what to keep, and what to donate.

When you have someone with you helping you organize your things, it’s a lot easier.

Here’s a tip bonus tip: if you don’t use it, you don’t need it.

Challenge Yourself to Stay Organized

Challenge yourself every day to stay organized. Set some time aside to clean up.

Set a timer for ten minutes and pick up as much as you can, wipe down surfaces, and speed clean. Within those ten minutes a day, it’s easier to keep things clean, organized, and a way to not allow things to pile up. 

Once you’ve made this routine, increase the amount of time you spend on cleaning. 

Read Self-Help Books About Staying Organized

You can find self-help books any topic these days. The next time you’re at your local bookstore or online, look for books on cleaning and organization. 

One book that Annie recommends to get you started is The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. 

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