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Annie Bardonski, Author at New Life Outlook

About Annie

In 2010 I started my YouTube channel and video making has been a passion ever since. My goal has always been to help people.

As someone who has dealt with ADHD and anxiety (which I wasn't officially diagnosed with until my 20s), I've gone thought some difficult times, in which I've learned that the best way to feel happy is to help others.

You can see more of Annie's videos on her YouTube channel.

Annie's Work


Dealing With ADHD Outbursts and Tantrums

One of the symptoms many children and adults with ADHD face is ADHD outbursts and tantrums. However, there are ways to help prevent these sudden outbursts.
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Video ADHD and Meditation

Trying Meditation for ADHD

Meditation is used to train your concentration, clear your mind, and promote positive emotions. Annie shares why you should add meditation to your life.
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Video Is ADHD Genetic?

Is ADHD Genetic?

Annie shares her research if ADHD is genetic or not. It turns out that the consensus is that ADHD does have a genetic factor to it, but how?
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Video ADHD and Clumsiness

ADHD and Clumsiness – What’s the Link?

Annie describes herself to be a very clumsy person and these incidents frequently happen to her. Listen to Annie speak up about ADHD and clumsiness.
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Video ADHD and Organization

ADHD and Organization: Tips for Staying Organized

Many people who have ADHD struggle with organization, but it can be done. Keep things from piling up with these helpful organization tips.
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Video Annie's ADHD Diagnosis Story

Annie’s ADHD Diagnosis Story

Annie from Ohh My Annie talks about her ADHD diagnosis story, from the moment she started to experience symptoms to where she is today.
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Video Why Do ADHD and Depression Go Together?

Why Do ADHD and Depression Go Together?

"Depression is one of the most common disorders to occur with ADHD and that's exactly what happened to me." Annie shares her tips for coping.
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Video ADHD and Anxiety Video

The Connection Between ADHD and Anxiety

Did you know there’s a connection between ADHD and anxiety? Let's look at things you can do to help overcome some of the struggles that come with it.
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