5 Therapies to Consider for Your ADHD Child

Therapy for ADHD Children

Therapy for ADHD ChildrenFirst, you were seeking an explanation for the behaviors and impulses of your child. Then, when the professional said it was attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you began your investigation. You delved into all that you could read about the condition, digging through information about the diagnosis.

Now, the focus needs to shift from what ADHD is and why your child is affected by it, to how to deal with it. Luckily, ADHD has been researched and understood for many years. Because of this, a variety of treatment options have been proven to work. Your task is to decide which option or options you are going to undertake.

ADHD treatments are unlike other mental health treatments because you are able to add interventions and types into the mix. This results in a treatment plan that covers all aspects of your child’s life and targets all symptoms.

Do you want to seek the finest therapies to build the best treatment for you child with ADHD? Here’s how:

Medication Therapies

For years, medication has been the frontline therapy for ADHD. The reason: they work. Unless you have serious objections to medication for ADHD that are founded and based in fact, do some research and consult with a prescriber. Just because you meet with a psychiatrist does not mean that you will be forced to follow the treatment recommendation – it is only a recommendation after all.

Medications benefit children with ADHD every day. Like with any medication, there are risks, but with proper screening and tracking, the risks for your child are minimal.


Medications for ADHD have transitioned greatly over the years. Previously, stimulants in the form of a pill were the main option for treatment, but the field has grown to include nonstimulants and patches with extended release to manage symptoms for longer amounts of time. As new medications arrive, they are able to improve the signs of ADHD with lower risk of unwanted effects.

Parent Training

Therapies that do not involve medications begin in an interesting place: the parents. Forget about the notion parents are responsible for the ADHD diagnosis of their children; this is simply not true. Parents do not cause ADHD, but it is your issue to live with on a daily basis. As a loving parent, you have a lot of power in reducing or increasing your child’s symptoms.

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