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Jeff Emmerson, Author at New Life Outlook

About Jeff

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Jeff began speaking publicly to raise awareness of mental health awareness and ADHD in 2013, following a suicide attempt and resulting ADHD diagnosis. (Two years earlier, his brother Ryan killed himself).

In 2013, after committing himself to the locked psych ward of his local hospital for 2 weeks due to again researching ways to end his life, Jeff took to social media channels and began blogging to reach an even larger audience — at which time he began reworking an old manuscript he had written about his life.

From the depths of mental despair to becoming one of social media’s premier spokespeople for mental health issues, Jeff Emmerson is a veritable “Rocky” in the field. Jeff has written for and been interviewed by some of the world’s top radio hosts and online magazines regarding mental health, suicide prevention, anxiety, depression and ADHD, including Everyday Health (featured on AOL Health) and Additudemag.

Jeff's Work

ADHD and Depression

Understanding the Link Between ADHD and Depression

"Getting the help I so desperately needed set the stage for where I am now – happy, fulfilled, successful." Jeff shares his thoughts on ADHD and depression.
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Helping Kids with ADHD: Tips for Parents

Helping Kids With ADHD: Tips for Parents

Helping kids with ADHD begins with finding a good doctor, researching about what ADHD is, and investigating the ADHD treatment options that are available.
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Tips for Overcoming ADHD Mood Swings

Tips for Overcoming ADHD Mood Swings

ADHD mood swings are much more consistent and rapid, presenting themselves up to several times per day, unlike mood swings seen in bipolar disorder.
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What Not to Say to Someone with ADHD

3 Things Not to Say to Someone With ADHD

I know just how much it burns when people say certain things. Here are a few key examples of what not to say to an adult with ADHD.
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The Importance of ADHD Therapy

Therapy is Just as Important as Medication for Adult ADHD

"You and I need to STOP seeing medications as the full solution." Jeff shares his thoughts on why ADHD therapy is so important.
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ADHD and Shame

ADHD and Shame: A Link That Needs To Be Broken

"The shame that many of us have internalized must be healed, it must be replaced with a healthy self-identity." Jeff discusses ADHD and shame.
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