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Melissa C. Water, Author at New Life Outlook

About Melissa C.

Melissa C. Water spent her childhood dreaming of seeing her name in print. She would one day find more meaning behind insight and use of language than what is encompassed in the basic concept of being published.

Her experiences with mental health, as well as Tourette Syndrome, were used to reach out to those who could relate and those willing to learn. Melissa's Youtube channel is listed under the username Idranktheseawater, and her third printed book is a memoir about time spent in psychiatric care.

In her years working with those affected by her causes, she came to realize that speaking out and using her voice is about more than just being heard, it’s about making a difference.

Melissa C.'s Work

Video ADHD and daydreaming video

Is Daydreaming Normal in People With ADHD?

ADHD can be related to daydreaming. So in what cases is it normal daydreaming compared to what is known as maladaptive daydreaming?
13 found this helpful by Melissa C. Waters on May 4, 2018