ADHD Sibling
Becky Wicks
Becky Wicks
April 23, 2019
You can play a part in helping your ADHD sibling get along in life in the future, and you can play a key part in helping them realize their full potential.

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ADHD Vitamins and Minerals

Why Multivitamins and Minerals Are Important for Those With ADHD

A picky eater is unknowingly inducing vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be causing behavior problems that look like ADHD.
by Dr. Donna on June 17, 2014
Linking Food Coloring and ADHD

Understanding the Link to Food Coloring and ADHD

Consumers must learn which additives to look for and how to adjust their menu to see if preservatives, food coloring and ADHD symptoms are correlated.
by Angela Finlay on June 2, 2014
Tips for ADHD Children

ADHD Coping Methods to Help Manage Symptoms of ADHD

I’ve consistently noticed that children with ADHD are suddenly attentive when their brain is adequately stimulated. The ADHD mysteriously disappears.
by Dr. Donna on May 28, 2014
Best Principles of Supporting Children with ADHD

The Best Ways to Support Children With ADHD

A parent must have patience and remember that it is not their child's fault they have a hard time focusing in school or at home when they have ADHD.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on April 23, 2014

Effective Money Management with ADHD

Stephanie Sarkis, PhD discusses financial challenges faced by adults affected by ADHD and solutions for those problems.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on December 23, 2013
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