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    Dear friends,

    I'm working on an important film project about gifted kids with special needs called The Right To Be Different. Our team is has a chance of winning $10K to make this film a reality and help many families who struggle to find the right supports, but we need your help to make it happen! This short is a part of one-hour doc about gifted kids with developmental and learning issues.

    Please spare two seconds of your time right now and cast your vote for our project here
    >> <<

    It literally takes just two clicks! :D

    If you feel like you could spend few extra minutes towards supporting this project, you could also:
    Reach out to 3 people you know and ask them to vote for this project as well
    Vote today and again on April 6th (until noon).

    Thank you! Every vote counts and your help is greatly appreciated. <3????
    April 2018
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    April 2018

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