Caffeine and ADHD

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ADHD article: Caffeine and ADHDCaffeine and ADHD

There are pros and cons to mixing caffeine and ADHD, sparking much debate among medical experts over whether or not people with ADHD should avoid caffeine.

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  • arturinarturin Member
    I'm 43, ADHD. Coffee takes all my energy away. I haven't try it before bed time though.
  • BillieBillie Member
    As an adult with ADHD I take meds but when I was a child instead of meds I wasn't allowed any type of sugar after 5pm and was given a cup of black coffee at 8pm every night. This was my regiment and it worked well until I started having children of my own.
  • Caffeine can absolutely help with certain ADHD symptoms. In fact, Caffeine is one of the most commonly used nootropics. Nootropic supplements have also been shown to help better manage ADHD symptoms in adults. You can read more about it at Thanks!

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