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ADHD article: ADHD Time ManagementADHD Time Management

If you have ADHD, chances are that you will run behind your schedule more often than everyone else. Here are a few ADHD time management tips you can use.

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  • Don't forget to put these reminders in your electronic calendar with an alert set allowing enough time to get to where you need to be.
  • @New Life Outlook: I have my doubts that a smartwatch will be as versatile and *loud enough* to help me, but I'll look into it. I need an Android app that works like my Samsung Galaxy S3 did before it died.
    What I need is an alarm app where I can input (by keyboard or voice) the name (reason) for the alarm, and at the appropriate time, the phone will *read it aloud* to me. I need a loud-voiced phone to do this, rather than a faint tone-reminder from a task list reminder. I can't be reaching for my phone to *see* why it's sounding every time an alarm goes off.
    I need to set numerous alarms that recur daily to maintain a basic schedule, e.g. medication, meals, etc.
    I also need some extra alarms available so I can "alert myself" when it's time for special events, e.g. to actually get into the car and go to the doctor, meet someone for lunch, etc.
    When I used a 15-minute "reminder" to check on a list, I easily get sidetracked. H--E--L--P

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