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ADHD article: ADHD and AnxietyADHD and Anxiety

As if ADHD weren’t hard enough to deal with, ADHD and anxiety often co-exist. However, with some determination and proper treatment, you can manage both.

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  • I agree with what Celest Tucker said
  • I'm 58 and didn't identify anxiety & ADHD together until the the last 5 years. So I praise you on your article. Yes life can be difficult, embrace it. GOD didn't make a mistake when he created us. We are uniquely made from his likeness. The advice I can give is LIVE NOW! Just as the author say, you just go on and accept yourself. Love yourself. It is who you are and were created to be. I give thanks to God everyday. I always look to him to give me my strength to face the world. So look to him. For he will provide strength and he will give it to all who call on him. Yep that simple. Peace & Love.
  • This article made me cry. This is me. I struggled with anxiety for a very long time. Then, my son was diagnosed with ADHD and I took a hard look at myself and talked to my doctor. Even now I struggle with ADD and my anxiety, but it's so much better knowing why I feel the way that I do. Thank you for posting this article. Do you have any suggestions for books I can read about ADD parents parenting ADHD kids?
  • Spaz1Spaz1 Member
    I please get link to NF?? Please ,this arrival just explain every aspect of my life.

  • Like Mbrooke this is also me. I thought I was the only one to mentallyreview conversations and actions repeatedly, question, and second guess myself daily. It’s hard to see anxiety as a positive thing for me. It’s kind of disabling. I would bet that without anxiety the author might not be as introverted. I’m also uncomfortable in social situations especially in a room full of strangers. Thank you to the author for putting in to words what so many of us feel every day.

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