ADHD and Handwriting

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ADHD article: ADHD and HandwritingADHD and Handwriting

ADHD and Handwriting: Writing can be a struggle for kids with ADHD. Try these tips to help your child write better.

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  • Thank you very much ;for this interesting article, my child reverse letters or skip them this is going to be very helpful for me. Now, my kid is very forgetful an disorganize how can I help my daughter to remember where she keeps her stuff and to remember that is time to clean up once she's playing with her toys for example...and number 2 what is oppositional defiant disorder and how can I identify my child fit in this criteria, my daughter tantrum when things are not done her way she is 6 and she tantrum like a 4 year old
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    So glad you found this helpful @raygfly1! Yvonne's article on ADHD and memory may help with your other question: :)

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