i feel guilty for not getting help sooner and detroying 20 years of my wifes life. getting divorce now.


  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    So sorry to hear that @taylor2. I hope you're finding healing!
  • Neat33Neat33 Member
    edited December 2014
    @taylor2 I know your pain. I just recently (the last 6 years) took the responsibility for 3 failed marriages.
    I initially just blamed myself for choosing mates poorly but I know now that it's so much more than that. The ADHD and the anxiety it spun off caused me to make a lot of poor decisions. I know it's hard to see the silver lining but be grateful that you had 20 years of marriage with the same spouse. The constant upheaval was terrible for my children, my bank account and credit rating. There is hope. Get the counseling that you need.
    Concentrate on creating a better you and with it will come hope for the future.

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