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ADHD article: ADHD DisbeliefADHD Disbelief

Dealing with ADHD disbelief from friends, family and acquaintances is frustrating. Christine Lee shares her tips for coping.

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  • You are AWESOME Christine!!! Find the humor. For me this is the most important thing.
  • masodomasodo Member
    edited November 2014
    Great article Christine!

    It is nice to know the thoughts of someone with adult ADHD. I have known several people in my life that have offered that they have ADHD and I must admit that my first impression was that they were making some sort of excuse... shame on me. You are doing a good thing in helping to spread awareness on a condition that needs to be better understood by those of us that can only begin to understand if educated.

    Your advice to "... take a breath. Then take another. " is sound advice that should be taken to heart by society in general. How many times have we all spoken something in haste that would have been best left unsaid?

    Best wishes to those who struggle with ADHD - be they the afflicted or the affected.
  • Hi Tom, thank you for the comment. It is great, being awesome isn't it? ;)
    And yes, humor works wonders more times than not, I'm in complete agreement.
  • @masodo Great to see you here and thank you for commenting.
    I'm always happy to shed a bit more light into the dimly lit area known also known as adult ADHD.
  • I actually had issues when I was diagnosed as an adult. I mean a part of me always knew but to me I was a goofy unique spontaneous individual. After my diagnosis I had a chronic still hard for me to accept that. It's funny..most people who know me weren't surprised at all..I mean when you constantly move and instead of going from point A to point B you go to points G C D's kinda hard not to i guess. Most people are supportive until it affects them. In my experience anyway.

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