What is wrong with me?

I was 43 years old and lost. I had been married 3 times, all of them ending because of infedelity on the other parties part or some sort of abusive situation; Up to this point had numerous jobs that ended with me so frustrated that I just threw my hands up and said "screw it"; had so many financial problems, that I honestly thought I was going to end up homeless! I was tired of fighting myself for some sort of sanity; I was either depressed and eating, or I was a time bomb that had to burn off energy fast...no matter what time if day or night it was. I was a mess and my brain was on "go" no matter what I was doing!
Being a Veteran, I decided to sign up for healthcare benefits, was approved, and took the steps to get in to the mental health clinic sooner than I expected. The minute I walked in the doctors office she stood up, asked me a few questions, and then directed to the nearest M.D. for confirmation. I was accepted in to the mental health community with open arms & all the support I needed. I underwent 3 days of testing (physical, mental, and written examinations)....the proof was in the paperwork. I had no patience for direction, I was not able to do the "find the objects" or "memory" tests, and I got very bored listening to someone tell me stuff I don't even remember the topic of. In the end I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and prescribed 30mg of medication to take daily.
ALL I CAN SAY IS....WOW! What a huge difference this little capsule has made. I ended up leaving my dead end job and started my own housekeeping business. With one social network post, I quickly escalated to 14 homes. That's sometimes 5-8 toilets a day (including my own) and I absolutely love it! From the ankle biters to being the tooth fairy...I can only regret not seeking help sooner in life. My relationships with others improved on so many levels, that I've actually been in a relationship for over 10yrs....that in itself is a pure miracle! I've straightened out my finances (and no, I didn't toss the bills in the trash...I paid them!) and am about to treat myself to my very first cruise...at 50!
I have 3 children, one is being treated for ADHD/ADD and functioning much better at 30yrs old. My 28 yr old daughter is in complete denial, but my "mini-me" will eventually get to the point soon enough. My 26yr old daughter also has ADD/ADHD and is borderline bi-polar/manic depressive. She thinks that she's "got it under control"....she too will get there as well.
The best and most important fact of my diagnosis is that I am DRAMA FREE! No crying, no frustration, no un-finished projects, etc...

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