What ADHD Feels Like, From Someone Who Has It

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ADHD article: What ADHD Feels Like, From Someone Who Has ItWhat ADHD Feels Like, From Someone Who Has It

What is ADHD like? There are no simple answers. I often find my efforts to explain it and my experiences become muddled and confusing, but here goes.

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  • sczersczer Member
    The problem with the medication is the long term effect is detrimental to the larger more long term aspects of intelligence, learning, and personal growth, even though there's a short term "performance" benefit. A kid takes a med, and, short term, behaves better and performs better in school, but, well, it might be better to struggle short term.
  • Great article, however, it's very difficult for someone with ADD to get through that article with the numerous interruptions and distractions (ads, pictures, article below, continued on next page, etc).
  • I was diagnosed in 1978 and I call myself a beta child for Ritalin. I've endured the ups and downs of ADHD all my life. Great article. I don't suffer from low self asteem though. Never have. I have the worst anxiety though and it causes me to be very short tempered. My wife has a psych degree and about 13 years ago suggested I talk Wellbutrin. This has helped me not kill people (just kidding) many times. I've lead such a more happy life after losing the anxiety. It's remarkable. I have all the rest of the symptoms still. I hit 19 axis points and there are 20. :) - I don't like the pills that are suppose to help you focus. They take my lively nature and quick thinking away that I need in my job. I run three business groups, on the board of a charity that feeds over 60000 people a year and deliver food for them twice a week. On top of that I am a top mortgage banker in my area. I have to think that my ADHD helps me do all this with endless energy at 50 years old. What I like to say is "I've harnessed my power for good and not evil".... have a great ADHD day folks! And if you haven't yet. Find a boss and job that embrace you for who you are. Tell them your ADHD. It really helps if you have an understanding support team in the work place... Trey
  • I believe I have ADHD. I have never been able to read a book and finish. I drift off with my thoughts. As I did with this article while reading it. Haven't been to a doctor. I don't like taking meds but I often wonder what it would feel like to think like a normal person. I am very productive in life. I do sometimes forget or get distracted when doing tasks. Forget where I have put stuff. And yes my memory sucks. Can't remember spots or what I was suppose to do that day. I have notebooks that write down my task for the day and a calendar on the fridge that me and wife continue to write on so I know what is going on the next day or week. I do some times get a temper quickly. It was blamed for my red hair. As I think back as a teenager and 20's I was very verbally abusive with my girlfriend Adhd could have been the reason but I have learned to not do that on my own. Think goodness for my wife she knows I struggle with life in those ADHD departments. And she helps me but I know she does get Agitated with me some. I always ask questions while watching movies and it ruins the movies for her Great article. Maybe I will get the courage to try meds for it.
  • Physical sensations in your chest? What did you do to make that go away?
  • I am a 46yr old woman and have lived with this for so many years... I wish I could be like others who are "normal" and don't struggle daily with this. I don't know what to do and it frustrates me. What do others do to live with this? Does anyone take medication for this and does it help??
  • ADHD....my inability to organize, or when I do get something almost organized, I am off to another task. Later coming back to the unfinished task...I stuff it into drawers, books, closets whatever is handy. And of course, I assure myself I will get back to whatever important task it was soon...soon does not come besides I have forgotten what ever I was doing. Blaaaa... ADHD has interferred with my career of teaching..Special Education...Aha! There were just to many details, reports, meeting, testing, teaching lovely children all day long and and and.....After 20 years I had to retire..I felt like such a failure.
  • @AlaMortgageMan This is such a hopeful story. I have struggled my whole life and and struggling more as I age. I am 52. I am losing hope as to how to live with this. This made me happy for you. I have not had luck with the ADD drugs
  • I wasn't diagnosed til my early 40s. I am now almost 51. I was convinced that I was a loser; a total failure. My husband was no help either. Finally, my previous internal medicine doctor diagnosed me with ADD. Going on Adderall was the miracle I used to dream about. At first, I made huge leaps and bounds. As time goes by, I have tapered off. Tried different meds but none are as effective as Adderall. So when I feel myself levelling off, I have to stop the Adderall for a few days.

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