COMMUNITY QUESTION: Coping with hyperactivity and anxiety?

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Joyce asks: 'I would love some information on ADHD and anxiety. I am helping a young lady who is extremely hyperactive and anxious. Thank you!'


  • First of all I'd recommend looking up rejection sensitive dysphoria, as it's something very similar to anxiety that basically comes with ADHD and even just knowing about it has helped me, I've also managed to get medication for it (Intuniv) and it has honestly probably changed my life. All of my anxiety tips are based off my experiences with RSD which is very similar so hopefully they help you as well.

    For hyperactivity, I'd say something I do is always have something to mess with. I often hold my phone in my hand and turn it on and off over and over when i need to move, for example. This is my main coping strategy for hyperactivity, just always have something to mess with. There's something in development called a Fidget Cube, I don't have one yet as I don't think they're available yet, but trust me as soon as they are I will, it looks like a must have thing for any ADHD person to me honestly. If there's a place where you can 3d print things near you (for instance, I can 3d print at a FabLab in my town) some people have reproduced the Fidget Cube on Thingiverse, I'm planning to print one soon to use until I can actually get a real one, but if not there are plenty of other fidget toys available in other places and lots of things can be used as makeshift fidget toys.

    More anxiety stuff - when you're getting anxious try and get to a quiet place if possible, ADHD people can get overstimulated and that just makes everything worse honestly, it happened to me at a pep band game last week and I was too overstimulated even to talk, so just if you feel like you're getting overstimulated try and get yourself to a more peaceful place as soon as possible to avoid that because it's not fun.

    Also I know getting told to breathe when you're upset can just make things worse due to overstimulation, but deep breathing really does help, so I have this gif saved to my phone that's timed to be good to breathe to and it really does help. You can find it just by googling "deep breathing gif", I use the one that's a dot that expands into a line into a triangle into a square and so on and then contracts again. It helps me so much, because when I get upset people telling me to breathe deeply and the whole "in... out" thing just makes things worse for me, so I use the gif and it helps a lot to have the visual prompting rather than auditory.

    I'd also recommend looking at to learn more about ADHD, they've got a lot of great articles and for me, knowing more about my ADHD has helped me cope a lot better.

    Hope this helps~
  • oops I just realized you were asking so you can help an ADHD person not that you yourself are the ADHD person in question, well I hope my comment is helpful anyways

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