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ADHD and Substance Abuse: The Link Between ADHD and Substance Abuse

ADHD and Substance Abuse

With all of the rumors, legends, myths and misinformation that exist about attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can be difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. Do kids with ADHD really need a specialized diet that cuts out gluten, dyes and preservatives? Does watching too much TV really cause ADHD? Is ADHD a result of poor parenting? Is ADHD even a real disorder or a fabrication used to sell billions of dollars in...

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ADHD and Anger

Is Anger a Symptom of ADHD?

Everyone gets angry from time to time, but people with ADHD may have a particularly hard time managing ADHD and anger and finding balance.
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Ease Anxiety to Ease ADHD

Do you suffer with anxiety on top of ADHD? You’re certainly not alone. Try some of these tips and tricks to help you ease your anxiety.
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Does Your Child Have a Diagnosis of ADHD?

Reaching a Diagnosis of ADHD for Your Child

A diagnosis of ADHD is difficult to determine in children due to the idea that ADHD symptoms are simply exaggerated versions of "normal" behaviors.
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ADHD and Anxiety

Managing ADHD and Anxiety

As if ADHD weren’t hard enough to deal with, ADHD and anxiety often co-exist. However, with some determination and proper treatment, you can manage both.
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ADHD Hyperfocus

What Is ADHD Hyperfocus?

ADHD hyperfocus is a common, but generally misunderstood, aspect of the disorder that can serve you well in life if you work on controlling it.
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Symptoms of ADHD

Recognize the Symptoms of ADHD for Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

ADHD is one of the least understood disorders because, despite its prevalence, there is still a bit of confusion regarding the symptoms of ADHD.
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ADHD Fatigue

Recognizing and Overcoming the Symptoms of Fatigue With ADHD

When you think about ADHD, the last thing you probably think about is fatigue, yet fatigue is a common symptom of ADHD.
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ADHD in Toddlers

How to Recognize ADHD in Toddlers

ADHD in toddlers and babies is not “technically” diagnosable. However, there are early signs that many clinicians believe may lead to ADHD in childhood.
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ADHD in Girls and Women

How is ADHD in Girls Different?

ADHD in girls is less common than it is in boys, but is does happen. Look out for these signs of ADHD in your daughter.
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ADHD and Tics

Tic Disorders in ADHD Children

ADHD and tics can occur together. Around 7% of children with ADHD have Tourette syndrome, and about 70% of children with Tourette syndrome have ADHD.
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